Natalie just had a phone conversation – imaginary – with 2 of her friends. She is “going” to their houses to play so she is PACKING to get ready! She has a backpack on, with LITTLE Blue and Magenta in it. She has been pondering how to carry BIG Blue and Magenta since they will not fit in her backpack.

She is a container girl! She has MULTIPLE tote bags, plastic containers, etc. and everything is in some kind of bag or container. MY limitations are that she cannot use LARGE containers like a suitcase, big box, etc.
So she comes walking back to the kitchen saying in a happy voice, “Well Mom, I found something SMALL to put the dogs in!” and she is pulling a rolling SUITCASE behind her.
I ask her: Are you trying to trick me??
Her reply: Yes Mom.
What a nut. I love it that a direct question gets an honest response! Hope that lasts a LONG time.

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