Sean’s latest achievement. His Division set a record.

Battle Stations 21

Battle Stations 21 is part of an $82.5 million facility at the Navy’s Recruit Training Command at Great Lakes, Ill. It is the culmination of all training received, a grueling 12-hour test of a recruit’s skills that marks the final rite of passage.

Entering a 157,000 square-foot building, recruits will find themselves on a pier, gazing at a 210-foot-long replica of a guided-missile destroyer. The pier is complete with a facade that replicates an actual pier in Norfolk, Va. Realism is added thanks to special effects lighting, sea and diesel scents, surround audio and 90,000 gallons of water splashing between the pier and the ship.

USS Trayer also feels, smells, sounds and looks like the real thing, with the incorporation of the latest in virtual reality, entertainment technology and modern construction techniques. Once they are in this totally immersive environment, recruits will proceed through 17 different shipboard scenarios that will test problem-solving, communications and other essential skills, with realistic consequences for their actions.


Battle Stations 21 addresses a changing war fighting environment. As the Department of Defense’s most cutting-edge trainer, Battle Stations 21 will send a better trained Sailor to the Fleet. Its realistic training will save lives & ships.

Multiple events can occur in various spaces simultaneously, many of which must be reset several times within a night so that all participants can experience each event.

Operators: 67 (63 facilitators, 4 staff)
1. Mission Brief/Move Aboard
2. Stores on load/off load
3. Line handling
4. Main/Auxiliary Watch
5. Roving security
6. Bridge watch
7. Lookout
8. Casualty Control Station
9. Prepare for General Quarters
10. Firefighting
11. Flooding
12. Mass Casualty
13. Emergency egress
14. Man overboard
15. Compartment Check-off List
16. Ship maintenance
17. Capping Ceremony

Cutting-Edge Simulator
Cutting edge, multi-sensory technology, seamlessly integrated with architecture and engineering produces a state-of-the-art simulation facility. Sophisticated control systems allow for facilitators to control each scenario with a wireless PDA.

Controllable elements include:
Realistic scenery
Flame Effects
Water Effects
High-definition Projection
Custom Video Media
Computer Animation
Animated Props
Surround Ambient Audio
Point Source Sound Effects
Sub Woofer Vibration
Defined Ambient Lighting
Strobes and Lighting Effects
Fog, Smoke & Air Effects
Scent Machines
Ambient Temperatures
Hot Objects

A half-dozen special-effects firms collaborated on this simulator. Through set design, props, lighting, and a variety of special effects, including piped-in aromas, recruits will experience horrifying realism, from mass casualties to a burning ship. Among the touches, built-in MP3 players, triggered by infrared technology, make “injured” dummies scream, moan and make faint breathing sounds. Thousands of gallons of water flood the ship’s compartments. Flames jet from fire fighting areas. Floors shake to mimic the ship’s movement.

Sean’s division set an
all-time record in one category of the test and passed everything!

Watch CNN video of Battle Station 21.


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