When I was little….

Nat’s full of crazy sayings these days. Sometimes the whole concept is funny. Sometimes the words she chooses make it funny. I find myself trying to hold in chuckles pretty much daily! She tends to come off as a silly and benevolent dictator (even when she’s angry):

“Mom, when I was little did I grow up with you?” (Yes, pretty sure it’s me that’s been here since you were born.)
Annoyed with her big brother: “I’m replacing you for a new brother that I want!”
With her bigger brother off in the Navy, she talks a lot about the recruiting office for some reason: “Mom, I think YOU should stay at the recruiting office.” Seth: “Wow.” Nat: “Yes she’s going to have a busy day at the recruiting office. Seth someday YOU are going to be an officer at the recruiting office. But not today. Today you are going to stay home with me and keep me company while Mom’s gone. Because YOU are my brother.”
Seth spends some time at math.com every day, leading to this comment from Natalie:
“I like math dot com, but I don’t know if you prefer it.
I’m just a kid.
If you go to Nick Junior, you can see it from there and you can prefer it if you want to.”
I’m sure we’ll have more soon!

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