Nat’s First Dance Class

One of Natalie’s favorite things in the entire universe is DANCING! One sure way to get her out of an anxiety funk is with music and dancing. So, when a class was scheduled with the special needs park district group, I signed her up!
Here are some photos which make you think the class went well:

Au Contraire!!!
Little Miss Anxiety began melting less than half way through the class. Crocodile tears streaming down her face. So I went in to watch and she came to hide on my lap, promptly took off her ballet slippers and didn’t utter a sound.

On the way home, she repeated these phrases over and over:
“I’ll just call the dance teacher and tell her
I’m not here to learn, I’m here for dance class.
Just to dance and get it over with and go home.”
Maybe next week will be better! We’ll see….
I looked in the window from outside and saw this sad little face…. and then it was Mama Bear to the rescue! She was very glad to see me. Maybe she’ll have less anxiety next week now that she has seen the room, teachers, etc.

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