Christmas Photo(s) – Some of our favorites for 2009

Kari smiling at the airport after Sean’s NAVY ceremony. And NOT because she was surrounded by men in uniform. Really.

The two big brothers!
self-explanatory – (mother-wrinkle maker also)
well now ain’t that attractive. When you have sons joining the military and jumping out of perfectly well-functioning airplanes, it tends to wear on a mother. ;D Good thing I have a dog to keep me relaxed!
Kari and Kurt dancin the night away!
Grammy and Nat
Seth feeding deer out of the van
canoeing in the grass
One of our handsome guys!
I need one of these contraptions at home. Definitely.
dancin in the streets of Williamsburg!
horses of courses
more horses – well same horses. More kids with horses.
…we’re on a boat.
…we’re still on a boat.
MORE dancin’ in the streets.
This time in Dollywood.
ready for the next round of excitement…
… or for relaxing on a porch swing.
Laughing with Grandpa Rickert – always easy to do!
riding Twister…
What a fun year we’ve all had! Hope you have too! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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