For nearly 5 years, Natalie has had a lone upper big tooth. She’s cute no matter what, but we keep hoping that other tooth will pop through!

Unfortunately it is fused to her canine tooth (she has no incisor there) which isn’t due for a couple years yet….

Our recent trip to the dentist gave us some great news though – the two teeth are only a smidgen away from joining her smile! We are so excited!

The dentist also said Nat has six, SIX!, loose teeth. The other day she began complaining of tooth pain. Tylenol and an ice pack were no help whatsoever. She moaned and paced and then gagged twice. Immediately she *SIGHED* and grinned! Huh? What is going on here?

We recalled hearing a little skittering sound on the floor after the second gag so we looked around…. haha! One of the loose teeth was on the floor!

Tooth extraction by gagging. Never heard that one before! One down, five to go!


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