she wants MORE horses??

Little Miss Dreamy has been sitting here talking to me, reminiscing about different movies, fun things, her best-friend-of-the-day (today happens to be Emily – yesterday was Monica. ) She becomes exceeeeeeedingly starry-eyed and says, (fooling me into thinking this is a new idea): “Mom, you know what I want???”

Obvious answer here is No, but before I can answer:
“Mom, I want a pony !”
Really??!?! When did this interest in horses start????
Go ahead – I dare you – CLICK on the photo!
Lately she has been saying she and Emily are going to train 100 horses. At the same time.
Today’s plans are different: “Mom, I’ll keep the pony downstairs!” (She’s aware of my allergies.)
Me: No, Nat you can’t keep horses in the house.
Nat: Why not?
There are so many answers to this question. But I choose one I’m sure will work immediately: Because they’d poop all over the place.
Nat: Okay, I’ll keep her in the car!
Me: She wouldn’t fit in the car.
Nat: Well, she’d fit in the van then! It’d be fine Mom. You’ll see! I’ll sit by her and keep everything smooth.
Smooth?!?!? Where does she pick up these words anyway?
I have a picture of her in my mind, strapped into a seat in the van, with this 1200 pound horse sitting next to her. I just don’t see it working.
Maybe they could ride with her in the bus…

Nat: I want a WHOLE LINE of horses! Just lined up in a big line! Yay!!!
Yep. Our girl is still horse crazy!
Of course, it COULD be worse!

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