So I told her….

Here’s what I just heard myself say:

IF YOU THROW UP, I’LL SPANK YOU!!  Do you see a problem with that?  I mean, I wonder if that’s okay, or if it’s wrong? Well, she had already gagged once, and if she let herself gag again, I knew her dinner would be decorating my floor!

It was proceeded by MASSIVE QUANTITIES OF WHINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which I cannot stand. Cannot.

When she gets a hair or something in her mouth she immediately starts whining, moaning, and gagging.  From just a little teeny tiny piece of lip skin she can vomit and entire feeding!  This is no small problem!  It makes a HUGE splashing mess, and although it isn’t as disgusting as regular vomit it is still gross.  Plus which that’s about $3.50 on the floor FOR NO REASON!

She started whining and moaning – it looked like this:

Be grateful I didn’t put a wave file on here.  The sound is unbearable!!!

So I hand her a glass of water – because YES she can get it herself, but she is paralyzed by the intensity of her whining.

So then she looks like this:

Clearly still unhappy and she refused to drink it.  She is whining, rocking back and forth saying, “NOTHING WILL HELP!  NOTHING WILL HELP!”


I get out the trusty washcloth and wipe her tongue with it.  A hair will usually stick to a washcloth.

THEN she drinks the water.  sheesh.

Now she looks like this.  And she didn’t vomit.  Good thing eh?

All in a mother’s day.  And we wonder why we need naps?

Oh and btw, that string/twine/rope around her neck has NOTHING to do with this story.



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