She has a horse!

As you know, Natalie’s first word was horse and ever since then it has been the word we hear from her most often.

Finally we broke down and got her a horse. Although cost and allergies (mine) have always been a sticking point, we found a way around both of those issues. Did you know there is a hypoallergenic horse? It is called the North American Curly Horse. Looks a little funny to me, but if it works, who cares?!

Anyway, she trains it just like they do at the big stables – with a rope, making it walk in a circle around her. That’s called lunge line training – now DON’T pretend you care.  Just humor me: nod and smile. Thanks.

We don’t have a stall built for it yet, but she has cleverly found a solution. You’ll see that at the end – it’s good she figured something out,  because they don’t allow THESE in our township.
So far there hasn’t been any issue whatsoever with shedding or allergies and no clean-up!
In fact, we don’t even have to feed this horse!
It is truly a miracle.

Of course first of all she has to straighten out the lead rope:

and sometimes that can be pretty difficult, especially when the horse moves around a lot and the rope gets caught between its legs!

But eventually she was able to start doing the lunge lead training a bit… she is still getting the feel of it!  (I think she’s supposed to be on the inside with the horse running around HER?!)

But at the end of training she has a couple options for tying up her loyal steed:

And the main thing:  She is having lots of fun with this “horse”! We’re just waiting for her to find a suitable name for it!


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