She’s been engaged for 2 years now…

A couple of years ago  when Natalie and David had been BFFs for a while, he popped the question. She immediately said YES!  We were a bit concerned last fall when Nat said they weren’t engaged anymore, but it must have just been a brief snit.

Today when I picked them up after school they not only had lots of fun together, but David told me he has saved up all the money for the wedding! I asked how he managed to do that.

David:  I’ve been working two jobs and putting all my money in the bank!

Me:  What two jobs do you have, David?

David:  I work on cars and my second job is flying helicopters.

So, of course we are quite impressed with this young man.  He has accomplished so much by the age of 9 we cannot imagine what the future holds for him!

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