In the rain?!

Each of us has his/her own way of dealing with stress, or just finding time to think. Someone I know, who doesn’t like his picture or stories about him to be found in the blogosphere, plays guitar to relax. He’s writing a really neat song, btw.

I go out drinking, stay home drinking, shop, eat,  all of the above, go out walking or read, either of which help greatly.

Seth likes to go out bike riding.  For an hour or so!  He did that this evening from 4:30 to 5:30. The weather was less than ideal:

Fortunately he didn’t get struck.  But he did get wet! You can see he didn’t care.

results of rain-biking

One true thing at our house:  if a picture is taken of anyone or anything, a certain someone expects her photo to be taken as well:

Just be glad I chose this picture and not the one I took right before it: arms thrown up in the air and not only could I count all her teeth, but all her taste buds as well!  The scream that went with the pose convinced me to leave that picture out.  My ears hurt just looking at it!


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