Moving on…. and on and on and on and on

Yes , the more things change the more they stay the same! Comings and goings, graduations and new beginnings.

Seth has graduated from his 9 year stint at Lincoln Prairie School – definitely the best school I’ve ever had my kids attend for their first years of schooling.  Last night was the graduation ceremony – with a class of 36, it was fun, interesting, and short! Seth sang in the choir, and led us all in the Pledge of Allegiance. Besides that he looked really handsome in his green gown!  Of course we took photos before hand of him and his buddy Nick.  Just like so many other photo sessions with Seth, he put his best face forward! Be sure to check out his awesome shoes as he is receiving his diploma – that white line on the sides made quite a visual accompaniment as he strode across the stage.  yeesh.  Then look at the photo with him, Nick, and their principal. She really totally rocks! She is the best principal I’ve ever encountered.

On to high school for Seth – starting in 11 days with summer school!  (It’s good for him.)

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Natalie graduated from 6th grade and is moving on to Junior High.  She did just tell me that she isn’t quite ready for junior high and is sure she needs to go back to Stevenson School for one more year. “Yes, I want to change back to my old life and go to Stevenson,” she told me. “Moving is not allowed! Not on any circumstances whatsoever! Not on any basis! I’m not moving! I’m staying at Stevenson where I am! I’m not moving!”

I guess she  STILL doesn’t like change. I wonder if THAT will ever change?

For a child who has cognitive impairment she thinks and says such interesting things. At least they seem interesting when I’ve had a good night’s sleep. If I’m not patient they aren’t interesting at all!  One of the reasons adults sit in the front in cars is that we can then roll our eyes without discovery by our kids!

Other than the school issue, we have a bit of a problem in the bicycle department. Balance will always be an issue because she doesn’t have good coordination between the two sides of her body – so for instance she cannot do a jumping jack.  At all.  Anyway back to the bike: She is too big for her super-duper ultra-fabulous bike with FATWHEELS – nice big training wheels that help with balance and lessen the chance of flipping the bike. 

Most bigger bikes have handbrakes, and one thing our girlie-girl does NOT have is hand strength – just ask Seth: when she pinches him he laughs hysterically because there is nothing approaching pain in her pinches!  So handbrakes are out of the question… bikes with foot brakes (known in official biking terminology as CRUISING BRAKES) are $$$$ out of $$$$$. Then add the cost of the $100+ fat wheels and you get the picture….

So we’ve been looking at a big-kid trike…  has a hand-brake for the front wheel and cruising brakes for the back wheels – plus, most important of all, it comes in PINK or light YELLOW!  Can you believe it??

Seems like the perfect solution, n’est-ce pas?

Au contraire!

In a quiet moment in the car a tiny voice says, “you know what I DON’T want, Mom?” Me:  “what sweetie?”

Nat:  A bike with 3 wheels.

She knows she isn’t like everyone else, but she WANTS to be like everyone else. She is so determined to be like everyone else that she has written a song that she is singing between her tears as she is lying in bed right now. It has a sweet and calm melody and I’m about ready to cry listening to it. The lyrics are these:

I am done. I can’t have bikes. We’ll get rid of all of them.  I am done. Fine we’ll get this bike and then decide.

I think we’ll still get her the big trike because she LOVES biking and it will keep her safe. And I’m sure she’ll like it plenty – especially if it is pink!

So if you want to come over and peruse our garage for something you want to buy, feel free.  We’ll be having a garage sale to raise money for Miss Nat’s bike!


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