Lions and Tigers and Butterflies, OH MY!

We had our evening bike ride.  Just Nat and me – we went two or three miles!  As we go around blocks in the neighborhood and I tell her to turn right or left, she raises her little feminine hand in the air to indicate which way she believes is left or right.  I was trying to take pictures from behind her and almost killed myself a few times.  That would’ve been bad because I’m SURE she did not know which way to go home.  It’s funny: when she “was little” she could always tell me which way to turn for us to get home… now she has no idea.  I guess she takes after me:  a couple curves in the road and I have NO idea which way I’m going!!!

After all that strenuous biking we hit the garage fridge for water – nice and icy – and sat on the front steps watching Seth shoot baskets. He would not allow me to take pictures.  Teenagers.  With all the flowers in our front yard this year we’ve seen a dramatic increase in butterflies, which is beautiful. To me. They land on us all the time and we cannot even feel it.  

Natalie becomes completely, seriously panic stricken when butterflies are flying around us.  I had her sit on the step in front of me so I could be above and around her to dissuade the bf’s tactics to land on her.  To no avail.  The bf landed on her knee and she screamed and brushed at it.  Fortunately she didn’t kill it, or even hit it (she hits like a girl) and UNfortunately it came back at her.  She pushed back until we were both lying on the front porch on our backs and she was still screaming.  I was weak with laughter, which meant she had to take care of herself and she did:

Interesting how much a screen door creates safety – she makes me look like a liar here because she doesn’t look scared at all! But she was!

With her safely tucked away, the bf felt much braver and landed on my hand.  I took an assortment of photos using my left hand which did not work well at all:

I can get a stop sign 3 houses down, but not a butterfly right on my finger!

So Seth came along and did his best, but you can see I have this sad, old, inferior, much-abused camera that just cannot quite manage the situation.  Don’t think I’m hinting.  I’m being quite overt, actually.  hahaha.

The inside of the butterflies wings were black with orange and white specks.  Just beautiful.  But to Natalie, only slightly less-than-terrifying from inside!

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