blah blah blah

Nat comes home from school and starts on a diatribe of how her summer school (which she has so far this year said she LOVES) is not good for her any more. She said:  it isn’t a good place for me because the gym might be closed and the teachers are worried and everything is so loud that you can’t hear one thing she is saying on the announcements. And she says blah blah blah It’s crazy.  What do they think this is? Craziness?  She tells the teachers to talk to their kids about how the kids might be having to play outside because the gym will probably be closed. and they say blah blah blah so it is just not the right school for me anymore.  Everyone is just packing up and then they talk about all this?  and then the blah blah blah. They’re going to get everyone out of this building if you tell the announcements. okay?

In an attempt to decipher the actual “problem” I ask several questions.  The answer to every one is “no” followed by more of the above.

They should make the announcements after all the kids are on the buses.

Aha!  I ask: So did the announcements confuse you?


She is still lecturing.  She just said, This is not the staff attorney. You have to do the staff’s… you know you HAVE to listen to the staff and listen to the teachers and because you know what? They are going to come up to you and talk to you and say we have no right to do this, do that, blah blah blah just go announce it on the playground equipment and stop asking us to announce it.

I have a feeling nothing other than a trip to the pool will pull her off this soapbox….


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