Missy Kazoo, as I sometimes call her, is a HUGE fan of a particular Nick Jr. show called the Fresh Beat Band.  It’s all singing and dancing…. like a big-girl version of The Wiggles I guess. You can see them here.  Natalie will watch them until MY ears bleed… she NEVER gets sick of them. On our long drive home from Wisconsin today, she was talking about them. Her favorite team member, because she wears mostly pink, is KiKi.  Seen here (with the dark hair):

Notice each of the group members is slim. So it came as a surprise to me when Natalie started talking to me about KiKi’s legs…

“Mom, did you see KiKi’s legs?  They are SO big! I mean BIG!”

I’m stumped.  I mean has she compared this girl’s legs to MINE?!?!?!?!  and we never talk about stuff like that – I never complain about my need to lose weight, etc.  So I cannot imagine where she is getting this thinking.  She brings it up again when we get home. Since it is OBVIOUS to her that I do not understand what she is talking about, she offers to draw a picture, SURE it will help me understand what she is saying.

She shows me the picture and says, “See, Mom? Do you understand now?” Well, no. I don’t.  But I didn’t want to have this conversation for a year, so I lied and said, “Yes, I get it.”  Although I’m wondering if maybe she needs glasses….

The legs, by Natalie


2 thoughts on “Legs

  1. Is it possible she is talking about their length? Lyndsey kept saying something was big but what she meant was long or tall. Just a thought……

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