I should’ve known better…..

Fort/swingset in our yard:

I can literally count on ONE hand how many times anyone living in this house has been on the thing in the last year.  I tried to sell it on Craigstlist… for some reason, people don’t want to buy “junk”.  A guy who came and looked at it didn’t even want it for free!

However, as you can see by this next photo, someone DID want it and had the truck and necessary tools for deconstruction.

Now I have this in my backyard instead:

Of course, I talked about this with Miss-I-Don’t-Like-Change-Natalie before they came to pick it up. “This other family has small kids that can play on it, etc. and we really don’t use it, etc.” Her response DURING their deconstruction and removal process was all about how nice it would be for that other family, how we don’t ever use it, etc.

Conversation currently repeating itself:

We have to get a new swingset now Mom.

Me:  Nah, there are about 1000 parks nearby that have GREAT swingsets and playgrounds. We can go there for free!

No! You have to get something for me and my brother to play on. Something better! I want that new playground to look like rainbows. The park is too expensive. (?) There is no reason for us to go to a park! We have a perfect backyard for a new playground!


I should’ve known better.  If I had gotten rid of it on a school day she probably wouldn’t have noticed for a YEAR that it was gone! Oye vey.

The thing she doesn’t realize is that the ONLY thing I would consider putting in the backyard now is an in-ground pool and we all know that ain’t happening!


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