She moved out. She really did.

Last night I did not sleep well. Taking a nap this afternoon, I awakened to the voice of my youngest child saying, “I’M MOVING OUT!”

Initially I just roll my eyes. In our house DQ has not so much to do with ice cream and everything to do with Drama Queen. I’m tempted to go back to sleep and hope it all settles down on its own, but I sense a need to stay informed.

By this time, she is in the front hall and here is what I see:

Then I look in her bedroom closet  and see this:

Questions as to why bring the response that “I’m moving out to a house so I can get cats.” Cats? Here all this time I thought she wanted horses.  My mistake! She tries to get Seth in on it, hoping he would move out WITH her and they could have cats. But he says he isn’t a cat guy. So on she goes. Alone.

Her intentions are solid and she continues to take action. It becomes clear she can’t really take everything she has packed.

She begins paring down to the essentials. (You can click on any photo to get a bigger picture of what she is dealing with.)

and this is when she warms my heart, despite her intentions to leave me! Look at what is in that backpack! Her babies!

As she rides away I ask, “Will you tell me what house you move into?”

Reply, with a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face: “No.” Little Stinker.

As she pedals past two houses, I begin to wonder what will happen! I grab my car keys in case I have to make chase….

Whew! She rides her bike West to the farthest she is allowed to go, and turns around.  She rides her bike East to the farthest she is allowed to go and turns around after making adjustments to her load. Reluctant surrender.

After she comes in the house, Seth asks her “How did your moving out go?”

She pauses, sighs and then says,  Not. Well.”

She comes in and sits next to me, puts her arm around me and says, “Mom I’m really trying to respect your allergies, but I HAVE to get a cat.” I sense a need to stay alert.


7 thoughts on “She moved out. She really did.

  1. What a hoot she is! Maybe it’s b/c she wants to come to Ruth and Jon’s, they have about 30 cats! She’d probably ship one 2 u! SHe keeps like interesting and fun.

    Lynn – You are a GREAT writer! I was on the edge of my seat reading to see what would happen next! What a way for you to wake up!

  3. Apparently we should have called you a few weeks ago, we just gave away our cats to a nice family, but we would have rather had them stay in the family 🙂 glad she came back, hilarious! I remember threatening the same at some point… But don’t remember why

  4. Love the winter coat on the hottest weekend of summer!! I’m sure she was just planning ahead and realized she probably won’t be able to swing a heating bill at first. Ty has threatened to move out several times but he always requests at least 2 of us to accompany him so he doesn’t have to do any of the heavy lifting.

  5. I love the baby stroller in the back of the bike. I think my kid may have taken the exact same item. Love the story! Natalie is quite the spitfire, but also responsible as I see she still chose to wear her helmet 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!!

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