Two Quips A Day Keep Depression At Bay

It’s only 10:44 a.m. on Saturday and already we’ve had two quotable quips from Natalie.

The first one came as she sat on the piano bench talking to Tom.  We heard this sound –  the kind that makes young boys laugh and they attempt to replicate with their hand in their armpits. We call those “toots” at our house because it just seems a little less crude than the word fart.

Tom says:  NATALIE!  Did you toot?!?!?!

Nat looks at him, holds her hand up in the “stop” position and says, “Just ignore that, Dad.” and goes RIGHT on with the conversation she was involved in with him.


One of Nat’s favorite activities is making ice water for all of us.  We go through LOTS of ice.  She loads up these two glasses:

She walks into the room with these two cups in her hands and says, “I REALLY like cups with handlebars the best. I really do.”

Handlebars.  What a nut.


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