Well it has happened.  She IS in junior high and her view of me has changed entirely.  Overnight. She’s always been the sweet little girl that comes walking out of school, looking for me and as soon as she sees me screams “MOM!!!!” and runs toward me with arms wide open.  She was still that today.


She has been relaying all the important dates that are coming up – picture day, “Mom you HAVE to fill this form out right now!”  the party for her teacher’s birthday tomorrow (which she is VERY sad to be missing since she has a doctor appointment,) and BEST OF ALL…….. drum roll……….. Friday Fun Day! This sounds to me like the day they get rewards for their behavior all week. Points, prizes, teacher gives…. things like that are cluing me in.  She tells me I HAVE to be there!

Of course we go through the process of:

Me:  Natalie, did the teacher say parent should be there?

Her answer comes in synchronicity  with her head gradually falling from the straight ahead gaze position to the chin-on-the-chest position, Well no she didn’t say   parents    should   come…”

In her typical coping methodology, she puts (empty) hand to ear and begins talking “in conversation” with someone and it goes like this: No!  Everyone is supposed to be there! The teacher said blah blah blah and we all have to do this.  It is important. pause…  cuz you know the other person has to talk right in there. I know! I know!  Well, my mom… my mom is… my… mom… well, my mom is, my mom is weird!

So there it is.  It’s gone from “I love you Mommy!” to “My mom is weird.” in literally 12 hours.

I don’t even want to think what lies ahead!  At least MOST kids say that stuff out of their parents’ ear shot!  Guess I’ll have to put more social graces in her next IEP!


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