Miss Sweet and Loving

A favorite Saturday morning ritual of mine is getting up before everyone else and reading in peace on the sofa.  The very next one awake is Tulip the Wonderdog who joins me on the sofa. Typically a certain little girl is the next one up and wants to snuggle on the sofa with me. At that point the quiet is over but it is fun.  Here is what she said this morning while I read and she talked to Tulip:

To me she said, “Mom, when can we get a new dog?  I want a puppy.  I want a black and white puppy that doesn’t scratch. I want a new house too. Seth and I are going to move out and get our own dogs and cats.  My dog will be named Natalie.  My cat will be named Natalie too. They will both be black and white.”

Then she spoke directly to the dog:

Tulip, you are such a good dog.  I will keep you forever.

Until I get a black and white dog.

Then I will get rid of you forever.

Such love and devotion.  I can only imagine what kind of treatment I’ll get in my old age.


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