Fake Cookies and other adventures

I reappeared in the room after being otherwise occupied and found this:

The Tape Queen

You can see her circulation was being compromised by her “casts”.  She had to go into removal mode and found that pulling all that tape off her skin wasn’t QUITE as much fun as putting it on.  Funny how a little pain in the feet from blood accumulation helps her do the required painful task anyway!

"Cast removal"

Tape Mountain

So for her next trick she started a recipe she invented as I did some fall un-gardening:

Our Pastry Chef

What are you making?

I don’t know.

Fake cookies. Because it has butter and chocolate chips in it.

Why is there paper underneath?

I don’t know.

I’m thinking I will not waste the oven’s energy consumption on these.  If I can get away with that.


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