Changing the names to protect the innocent….

Just five minutes ago we were having a conversation with a certain male offspring of ours, about respecting others, cooperating, etc.  Of course this conversation went on for a few minutes.

A certain OTHER offspring of ours always feels the need to join the conversations, whether she understands them or not.  Her contribution:

So, Anna, if someone says something you don’t like just ignore them!  If Lauren says something  you don’t want to hear, just ignore her!

Me:  I think she is reiterating a previous conversation…

Male offspring: I don’t know Lauren OR Anna!

Me:  That’s okay, because Lauren couldn’t have said anything to offend Anna, because Lauren cannot even talk as she is hearing impaired.

Female offspring: AND, if you copy off someone else’s paper that is cheating.

Oh and by the way, where did the word OFFSPRING come from anyway??  I remember giving birth to both of these kids and there was nothing SPRINGY about it!!

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