Pumpkins and other fun

Yesterday we had all five kids here plus some “extras”, like Grammy, Bonnie, and Kurt! It was SO much fun!
We carved these pumpkins:

Lynn's pumpkin

Lynn's other pumpkins

Kari and Kurt's pumpkin

random pumpkin

Sean's pumpkin

Part 1 of Brett and Bonnie's pumpkin

Part 2 of Brett and Bonnie's pumpkin

Part 3 of B & B's pumpkin

We played Kan Jam:


 Kari’s dog Marshall got LOTS of exercise during this game!


It was kind of chilly, so we had a fire and blankets handy…



Nat isn’t much on KanJam, but she found something to do, as always!

Miss Busy

scary chest bump

Since it was cold, Brett and Bonnie were kind enough to make a Starbuck’s run, which necessitated bringing a coffee table outdoors:

dog as coffee table

More fun photos of our day tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Pumpkins and other fun

  1. How fun! AND oh my goodness, the trees look gorgeous– I’m jealous! hmm… you think I can teach Layla to be a coffee table, I’m totally diggin’ that! LOL!

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