I miss him.

Sean’s only been gone for 13 hours, but I miss him. I really have no idea when I will next see him. It is possible I’ll see him briefly at Christmas – a day or two – or after he graduates from prototype school – in June or so. Or I may not see him until after he does a tour of duty on ship.

(On Ship – don’t I sound like a know NAVY LINGO!?!?!?!)

We had LOTS of fun with him home. He is the most affectionate of my kids so that is always fun for me – I get lots of hugs!!! ❤

Natalie is smitten with him and misses him as well. Here are a couple of photos of him saying good-bye to her last night before she fell asleep.

He made her laugh a lot, but she didn’t like his “prickly” hair. I wish I had written down all the funny conversations they had!


One thought on “I miss him.

  1. ok, so I actually “sighed” with you while reading this 😦 Love these photos of Nat and Sean. I’m sure your love cup was overflowing while Sean was home. Praying for Sean in all of his success. Oh and, I’m totally proud of your Navy Lingo!! Lots of love, Amber

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