Horses of Courses!

Our close and dear friend MARY has done a nice thing which is causing all kinds of trouble.  Mary dropped a book off for Natalie, knowing she would LOVE it – yes, she did! Nat has found this photo in the book  and proclaimed it her FAVORITE HORSE!

"I want that horsie!"

She wants me to MAKE reins for her out of some white fabric.  She wants to RIDE the horse to and from school every single day!

Tom says:  Nat, we’ve gone over this.  Schaumburg will not allow us to have a horse on our property.  We would have to leave Mommy here and buy a house somewhere else for you to have a horse.  Are you willing to leave Mommy here?

Now I have to admit, I’m thinking, Hmmmmmm.  HE came up with the idea of leaving Mommy behind.  Is he trying to say something here?!?!?! ;D  haha!  They couldn’t survive without me!!

Nat says:  We could sell this house for a week or forever. We could take a doctor with us and bring Mommy along.  I would clean the whole house every single day, myself!

bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!  I can hardly get her to take her dirty clothes down to the laundry!!

An hour later, here is her latest addition to the conversation:

MOM!  Let’s keep the horse in the garage!

Me: Where would we put the cars?

Nat: In the driveway! We HAVE to figure out some place for the horse! We can’t just put the horse ANYWHERE; we can’t put it outside,  it will die!  Let’s just keep it in the garage for a couple days and we’ll figure it out from there.

This kid has to go into sales.

Revisiting the topic two hours later:

Nat: Dad, you HAVE to take me to this horse ranch!

Tom: Natalie, we can go to the nature center farm and see the two horses there.

Nat: Dad, that is so yesterday! You don’t even know what this horse means to me!

Tom: Nat, all those places are too far away – that ranch is in Virginia and it would take an entire day to get there!

Nat: Baginia??  We’d have to fly there and fly back! We’d fly miles!

Tom: Yes, but we can’t do that today.

No kidding.  I can only IMAGINE what she’d say to the TSA when they try to pull off the pat-down!


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