They are SO old….

One of Nat’s all-time favorite shows is the Saddle Club.  They have switched actresses to play the parts of Carole, Lisa, and Stevie because the original actresses have grown up, for the most part, as you can see (ya right – they only look 17 to me!)

Nat was quite attached to the originals but has successfully switched her allegiance to these new younger girls====v

When she searches for their pictures online she becomes frustrated if she can’t find the new girls.

Today she said:  Mom I cannot find the saddle club girls!

Me:  Really?!  I am surprised.  Want some help?

Nat:  YES!  I do not want pictures of those other girls. They are OLD – like 30 or 50!!

All this from a girl whose oldest brother is 31 and her mom is 56.  Old, Shmold.


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