Natalie has been doing so well since August of 2008, I have been getting quite bored.  So today when Seth left for school, he ran for the bus and fell on the ice, smacking his head on the sidewalk. Aside from blurred vision, feeling nauseous, being dizzy and having a nasty throbbing headache, and a painful elbow, he was perfect.  Nonetheless, we went to the emergency room.

CT scans, x-rays revealed brian damage. There since birth, nothing new though.  Of course as soon as we LEFT the hospital he started talking like some kind of alien, “I cot to, I cot to, I cot to.”  But, as one of my friends said, “So? Have you ever heard his mother talk??”

I only have two concerns about the whole experience.  I don’t want any lasting effects – and being pushed around in a wheelchair while texting is something I do NOT want him getting used to!  …and then there was this mention of an escort service right before we left?  With the fat guy walking around in a skin tight Santa t-shirt and the strangely bearded volunteer (both stories for another time), I was not sure what to expect next.


Several minutes later a young woman came and took us to the exit and said “Good bye! Hope you feel better!”

And I did.  Immediately!


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