The Busy Printer

Natalie IS “The Busy Printer” ….

Every day she is busy on the computer, transferring images she finds online to documents she then wants to print, cut out, glue on ANOTHER sheet of paper and keep for 10 minutes before she starts anew.  Here is one of her favorites:

Today I told her “no printing – we are running out of ink!”  Big surprise when you look at the pic above.

Needless to say, she was shocked.  In fact, she was speechless.  This is unheard of… the child who always has a word (or forty) for every situation and moment. She doesn’t even need a cell phone – that invisible one is always in a pocket, at the ready.

Speechless lasted about 10 seconds – which gave me enough time to insert a thought-filled suggestion to her: “Natalie, you should get a job to pay for all the ink you want to use every day.”

Again. Speechless.  This is truly beautiful.  A moment to beat all moments!

Of course, most good things must come to an end and the torrent was released:

What?!  A job?!  Firtht (a little trouble with that new front tooth) of all I do NOT want a job!

Thecond of all, a job hath NOTHING to do with ink!!

She honestly thinks she has won this.  ha ha ha ha ha ha!   Of course, I cannot actually force her to get a job at age 12.  So maybe she has won!  For now.

Meanwhile, the printer is still off limits. I guess I did win after all!

Wait a minute, she is now talking on her “phone” about how unfair it is to not have enough ink and to be told to get a job. No matter where she is in the house, I can hear that conversation. Okay, she wins.


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