I’m getting a lecture.  From my 12 ½ year old daughter.  I wonder how much worse this will get when she is a teenager.

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Nat just walked in the door from school, hung up her coat, stomped the new snow off her shoes and started in:

I do NOT like that school.  Addams is a bad school.

First problem is school:  no.

Second:  I don’t want to go back anymore to that school.

They are so mean to me there.

I broke that thing in art and now I have to start over.

I am NOT starting over.

I just want to go to my big brother’s school.

As I try to insert bits of wisdom to bring her to reality (she HAS to go to school and she has to go to THAT school) she ignores me completely. Gee.  How unusual.

After she says the bit about wanting to go to her brother’s school… I say “Natalie, every school will make you work hard, you know why?”

Her reply:  That’s right mom.  It is a bad school and I am not going there anymore.  I just want to stay home with you.

Oh sure… you think you can soften me up with that i-just-wanna-be-with-you-Mom stuff??  This is not my first ride around the block, girlie!! Tomorrow the bus will come to pick her up and she will get on it. Hopefully without a crane.


One thing that always changes her mood is getting her picture taken.  Now she is posing with smiles – even though I’ve put the camera away.  hahahaha!!!!


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