Here’s a pic of Nat’s Valentine’s Day “outfit”.  She LOVES it.  The ruffles, you know…

So guess who just came home from school all ticked off?  Yes.  Natalie.  Her teacher called me earlier and said Nat had been mean to her good friend, Anna. Nat wouldn’t apologize.

(I know this isn’t funny, but it makes me laugh because she is usually so loving and sweet: I’ve been having back trouble of some sort the last week and she keeps interrupting her playing and coming over to rub my back.  She crawled in bed with us Saturday morning and knew I wasn’t feeling well.  Just to show her sweetness, I’ll tell you what she said: “when you guys die, I’ll have to get a new Mom and Dad.”  See what I mean? But I’m getting off topic.)

Since she wouldn’t apologize and then wouldn’t work during their group time, the teacher sent her back to her desk.

With a child this sweet, even at age 12.5, it takes something really significant to make her angry and uncooperative.  Here it is: Her friend Anna, whose praises are sung around our house every school day, kept telling Nat to eat her snack.  Like, “eat your snack, eat your snack, eat your snack, eat your snack.”  Sheesh.  What a brat – I can only imagine what her parents are like with a kid like that!!!

We talked about different ways to handle this in the future.  Nat came up with and stuck to her own solution:  She is going to tell Anna, “if you don’t quit bossing me around, my big high school brother is gonna come here and ruffle you up!”

I hope she doesn’t flash any gang signs while she threatens Anna.  That would require an intervention on my part and my back is still pretty sore.  Plus, I’m looking for those replacement parents we’ll need someday.


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