Gift List

I’ve revised my “wants” list for the next year. I used to want jewelry. I’ve found I rarely wear it!! I’d love a plane ticket to Cabo so I can go there with my friend Amy some year. RIGHT NOW I REALLY WANT A NEW CAMERA (but I’m afraid to even do the research and discover the cost because I want one that takes action photos in low light across the gym when Seth plays volleyball)  AND A CAMCORDER (I’d even take the Kodak Zx1 HD which goes in the $70 to $140 range).

BUT IN THE MEANTIME, here is a list of what I’ve been dreaming about today: (See if you can guess what I’m thinking about doing – and no… not scrapbooking.

Kreg Jig



Hitachi Cordless Drill


Hitachi Nail Gun


Arrow ET2025 Staple Gun


































I guess i really need to get a job to pay for all these tools.  But then I wouldn’t have time to use all them!!!  such a dilemma.


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