The Girlie Room

Wall repairs

Yes indeedy, a girl and her push pins makes for lots of wall repairs before painting. Miss Nat wanted her room to have pink stripes.  So first things first. Fixing all the little dings and holes.

What I SHOULD have done next was do a coat or two of yellow.  But no.

Instead, I immediately taped off and put up the pink stripes.

So that means “yellowing” all those wall repairs is even more challenging, because I have to dodge the pink stripes.

She wanted pink stripes!

I decided this wasn’t hard enough.  More tomorrow.  Hee hee – now you’ll get to see how crazy I can get and the work I make for myself.

Fyi, it still isn’t finished.  😦


One thought on “The Girlie Room

  1. Lynn, you should’ve called Grammy to come and help you!! 😉 That is going to look SO adorable when you’re done. I love the pink stripes, for sure! Can’t wait to see the “after” picture. Wish I could help you out!!

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