Her Room

Oye vey.  PLEASE make recommendations.  I have no idea what to do next.

So after patching I did these green “ribbons”, like this:

  Now, the reason I did the green is that when I was painting, I had green tape up there for making the stripes on the wall.  And the green looked so great with the yellow and pink!  Then I had the nutso idea to do these 1  x 6 boards, painted green, like ribbon on a gift.

But the green overwhelmed the room – it was the only thing to look at when I walked in.

So I painted the boards mostly white and left some green showing.

   But that doesn’t look right either.  So I am debating just taking the boards down off the walls and ceiling.  which of course, will leave me with lots of repair work.

If you have any ideas I am certainly willing to hear them.

I suppose if I found some yellow, pink and green fabric for the window covering that’d pull it all together or make it look like a clown suit. And of course, now Nat wants everything that is green to be blue. So this is how I’m feeling right now:


2 thoughts on “Her Room

  1. well,,,,,,, you could ask LMN what she wants? Oooorr…… you can take all the furniture out of the room……. cover the hard wood floors…. put multi colored paints in bowls with their own paint brushes and just “flick” paint all over the walls,,, lots of colors….. all over the place….splat……. splat…… splat…. or… paint it all WHITE and start over…….. ??

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