Happy 13th Birthday, Nat!

So first there was the after-school party:

LOVES the balloon greeting!

So happy to see the balloons!

Grab those balloons!

black and white cows!

Loves her Jonas Bros tattoos!

Shirts, tattoos, cows, balloons, flowers

Then the dinner-time birthday party:

Seated and ready

Awaiting the fun

Show Stealer

Two Show Stealers

Fighting for camera time


"Happy Birthday dear Natalie!"

"Happy Birthday To YOOOOOOUUUUUU!"


The assistant candle blowers

all so silly

Such Fun!

I’m sure there will be more birthday happiness over the weekend.  I will be sure to share with you. If you have scrolled all the way down here, you must looooooooove this stuff.  Or be horribly bored!


4 thoughts on “Happy 13th Birthday, Nat!

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  2. Happy Birthday, Natalie! It looks like you had a great one – – and you got an extra present when Scotty made it to the Idol finals!

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