NO, we are not moving. But you would think so if you saw Nat’s every-day-stuff-management systems.

I was cleaning the garage today and found this:

Mystery Bag

I suspected it belonged to Natalie since I know the blue and white striped belt has been missing from her yellow dress FOR A WHILE!!!


It all makes sense now, right?  COME ON!!! Don’t try to tell me you store your basketballs somewhere other than a plastic bag?!?!?!

Next, the expanding backpack:

Why so big???

This is much thicker than usual.  What could she have in there?  End of year locker clean out? Papers from school? No.

Hmmm. this is all normal.

What could this be??

The inside of a big plastic bag - NOT papers. NOT locker contents.


and more clothes.













































I guess she is trying to be prepared for summer?

Or she just likes to drag things around with her.  She has been “The Littlest Bag Lady” for a loooooong time. I guess that isn’t ending any time soon.

Maybe she should join Girl Scouts, isn’t their motto “Be Prepared”?  wait.  That’s Boy Scouts.  Guess that won’t work.


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