Ladies Only

Summer.  Hair Removal. Warm Wax. Caution.  Graphic images. R a w photos.

First, be sure you are getting ready to leave town before you heat the wax. Increase the adventure!  No point doing this when you don’t have a schedule to keep.

Second, spill the wax into your sink.  Hot water will not melt it, (you can verify this by filling the sink with boiling hot water and see that it goes, well, nowhere fast.) So you will have to scrape out the sink, but save that for later – there are more important things now, like hair removal. Plumbing pipes where it went will probably have to be replaced, so I guess SO MUCH FOR SAVING MONEY BY DOING WAXING AT HOME.  Oops, sorry. Did I yell right there??

Wax in sink

Now, start with your lip and eyebrows because those are the easiest if you’ve ever done it before.  Okay oops, drip wax on your eyelashes so that your eye sticks shut.  In an effort to deal with that, move quickly to get the oil stuff that comes with the wax, for removing the wax. REMEMBER right here to put your wax applying stick down so that you somehow manage to drip wax on your upper arm where your hair then touches it and you get wax in your hair, which sticks your hair to your arm. Head hair people, does not need to be waxed!!

So grab, the oil and spread it on your eye to get the wax out of your eyelashes.  Rub.  Oh, and by the way drop the lid to the oil tube into the sink, just for visual interest (as seen in the sink photo).

Glued shut lid.

I know the eye photo is blurry.  Really, what did you expect!

Okay, eyes are open, now let’s move onto waxing the armpits because how great would it be to NOT have to shave the armpits for several weeks? Am I right?

Be forewarned, wax that feels pretty warm on eyelids feels darn hot on armpits.  Now why is that?  After all, armpits get pretty hot when exercising, etc.  From what I’ve heard.  So yikes!  React with shock and jump around after putting the wax on your armpits.  This is not conducive to keeping everything contained in its appropriate containers.  Spill the wax again.  This is okay, beause really, if you spill it on the wax warmer maybe you can get it off with the spreading stick do-hickey and use that heated wax, but don’t quote me on that.

Wax warmer doing its job

On second thought, it might be a good idea to wipe that wax up.  Don’t use paper towels, they’ll just stick to the wax and stay there.  I tried that in the sink. Use a REAL towel that doesn’t need to go anywhere but the trash.  Whatever is handy, you know?

Towel heading for the garbage soon. See the wax ring?

Okay, back to the armpits.  All this motion of course has resulted in the armpit sticking to itself, courtesy of the wax cooling. GENTLY, peel the two sides of your armpit apart and start again.  More wax. Apply the gauze strips and RIP THOSE BABIES OFF!

You will have beautiful armpits like these:

right pit

left pit

Seems good right?










Upon closer examination I see there are still hairs there, THAT I WILL HAVE TO SHAVE BECAUSE IF I PUT ANY MORE WAX ON MY ARMPITS I WILL HAVE TO DRIVE TO WISCONSIN WITH ICEPACKS ON MY PITS. Somehow I just don’t think that will work.

wax removal oil

Okay.  Now to pack the car. I don’t think I will try anything new or fancy for that.

Oh wait, there is a bit of good news here.  I spilled more than half the wax, but I will probably come out even, because I used half the oil vile (O I know… it should say VIAL, but this has been a pretty VILE experience!) to get the excess wax off my face, arm, etc. See?

Oh yeah, the sink.  I think I’ll send the hubs a text after I’m on the road and forewarn him.  He won’t mind.



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