The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Shoes

Remember? Kari’s wedding, Natalie’s black shoes? She kept wanting to wear them so I hid them to preserve their pristine condition for the wedding. Then I couldn’t find them? Remember?? I thought I hid them TOO well!!
Well I found them. and I was not the one who hid them too well!!!! SOMEONE ELSE DID IT!!!!

See those black blurs in the background?

Cleaning out her room, I went through her “arts & crafts” drawers.  Right away in the first drawer I find THE BLACK SHOES I BOUGHT HER (the first pair) TO WEAR TO THE WEDDING!!! So apparently I didn’t hide them WELL ENOUGH! Because she found them and hid them on me!!!

Why, you ask, did I not think to look in her arts & crafts drawers for her shoes??  I do NOT know!!!

I was so sure I was losing my mind and hid the shoes so well I couldn’t find them. See if I ever doubt myself again.

I turned them around so you could see them and believe me.


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