Kids and dogs

Recently we dog-sat with Brett and Bonnie’s Rhodesian Ridgeback, Kiwi.  She is now about 39 pounds, I believe. She will be about 75 when she is fully grown.  My kids like Kiwi a lot – she has a sweet, calm, friendly personality. Brett and Bonnie did a great job picking a great dog.  Tulip, though, doesn’t think so much of Kiwi.  Tulip is moving toward a reluctant tolerance, though, with help from treats.

We took Kiwi to watch Brett play hockey last night and then took some pics outside.  It was fun! Some of these pics are blurry – I’m still getting the hang of my camera…. so I apologize in advance. CLICK on any photo to make it big enough to see what is in it!

I have to tell you… I have deleted that last photo of the group FIVE TIMES but it will NOT go away.  Computers.


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