Travels and beetles

Wisconsin tried keeping us out this past week:

may as well sunbathe or go home

near Milwaukee

avoid the ditch

















We just closed our eyes and drove through it all ….  Did I say WE???  Actually Seth drove through it.  I was the one closing my eyes.


Mom has a pair of wrens nesting in this birdhouse I painted for her last summer.  Nice vine growing on it, right?

birdhouse and vine



Look closely at the next pic.

Japanese Beetles

Oh how I HATE Japanese beetles.  So destructive.  I have them at home too.  I delight in throwing them into soapy water and drowning them.  Vicious, I know.

Next year I’ll spread some larvae killer on the ground in spring and see if that takes care of them.

More pics tomorrow.  We had a fun trip.

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