More evidence of fun in Wisconsin

Tulip and Aunt Jacque

This is Aunt Jacque, loving Tulip.  It is always nice when OTHER people love my dog.

That is my handsome nephew, AJ in the background.







I intentionally blurred AJ here, because he is so handsome that all the girls would be hunting him down if I didn’t goof up with my camera disguise him.

AJ, one of my handsome nephews










Of course, it wouldn’t be a typical day without some teasing from Seth.  He takes something of Nat’s – I don’t remember what…

and the fun begins










she attacks….

she moves FAST











no success:

tossed back










She summons help:

the cousins join in the battle

and smile for the camera. It's genetic.




















of COURSE we had to see HORSES

and more horses

and m o r e h o r s e s 😀

2 thoughts on “More evidence of fun in Wisconsin

  1. Loved looking at these 🙂 wish we were there!!!! AND I would be more than happy to love on your sweet Tulip, what a cutie!!!!

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