and yes, more fun in Wisconsin

Mr. Mischief and Mr. Mayhem

These cousins. *sigh*

what to do. You can see the mischief and mayhem waiting behind those eyes, can’t you??

Threatening me with their magic wands

Couple Harry Potter wannabes or something.

or wait, conducting?

It is so hard to tell with these two.

nope. Definitely a wand thing going on.

Warming up her "wand"

And guess who has to join in? Of course, the wee sister.

smiling with Grammy

Too bad this had a smudge across the lens! I hardly ever get her looking right at the camera!

We had a great time visiting family in Wisconsin!


2 thoughts on “and yes, more fun in Wisconsin

    • LOL Merk, I think they are interchangeable!! But if we got YOUR son in there, we’d have to add another name… so be thinking of one, ok?

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