Our Little Cook

A pool party isn’t enough fun for one week, so we all went shopping for SCHOOL SUPPLIES.  Always fun.  Natalie has a special fondness for rainbows – real or otherwise.  She would wear rainbow clothing if that were possible!  She has shoes with rainbows, and I offered to make her a rainbow skirt.

Isn't that cute??

That’s not the one I offered to make her though.  Cuz, I am pretty sure this wouldn’t look anywhere near as cute when you STAND UP. Unless you are going square dancing.







I was thinking of one like this, but decided too babyish for my BIG girl!!

cute, but...












She does want me to make her this rainbow pillow…

also cute, right?












Anyway, like I said, she is drawn to rainbows.  So, out shopping for school supplies and she spots RAINBOW LICORICE!!!  Looks disgusting, but I am always for anything (almost) that will get her to eat.  Yes, I bought it. I asked her in the car if she was going to eat it, she said, “Yes!” and she does like regular licorice, so that doesn’t really surprise me.  I just hope she doesn’t want ME to eat any. Disgusting!



Well, it turns out, she has NOT eaten it.  She used it in a recipe… see?

StirringFAST stirring












Don’t ask her about it.  After I took it out of the garage freezer, let it thaw, and threw it away, I’m hoping she forgot about it.  Licorice and water? YUCK!



One thought on “Our Little Cook

  1. i love your top skirt do you make this, i square dance and i really like it. if so i would wear a large. just let me know your price, thanks i hope you can help me.

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