First days of school…

A collective sigh was heard throughout our suburb when all the kids left for school….

First day…. the high schooler left:

"Bye, Mom!"












and his fan club waited anxiously at home:

the Fan Club










Sure enough.  He came home!

The Boy and His Bus


The Boy

Friendly Greeting












The next day, child #2 left for school also.

Ready To Go!


She was also kind enough to pose as we awaited the arrival of the bus:

Silly? MY daughter??


















Two things:

1.  for the very observant amongst us, you’ll notice Seth is wearing a different outfit on the way TO school than on the way home.  Well, actually, my camera battery just wasn’t charged so those are pics from day 1 and day 2.

2.  As happy as Natalie looks to be going to school, the next morning she said, “What?  I have to go to school AGAIN??”

Another school year has begun!  Coffee in peace and quiet, five days a week.  Gotta love it.






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