the Torture of Chores

At our house, a few chores are required of each child still living in the house.  Natalie, being 13, is not exempt!  Normally, she is quite cooperative.  NOT TODAY!  A wimpy little chore of hers is emptying the dishwasher’s silverware basket. Takes all of 2 minutes!

Today, Nat got up and began a “tape” project.  Ripping up a bunch of paper, stacking it, encasing it in enough tape to make it 100% waterproof. Great project.  Not sure what it is useful for, but….

She is dressed, comes out to the kitchen and after the usual morning pleasantries, is told to put away the clean silverware.

“I can’t Mom.  I’m too tired.”  

Goes over to the tv and grabs the remote.  HAHAHA!!!!

Me:  Nat, no tv until the silverware is put away.

“FINE!” and stomps off to her room.  Gotta love age 13.

Several minutes later, she is out putting the silverware away.  “Nat, good decision.  Very mature.  I’m glad to see you making a big girl choice.”

“Mom.  I am NOT putting the silverware away.  The whale is doing it.”

Putting away the silverware











The Supervising Whale




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