Killer Whales in a “French state”

Natalie’s classmate Emily is on vacation. She is seeing killer whales SOMEWHERE. One of Nat’s favorite animals is killer whales… Because they are black and white. That is a different story. Nat wants to be with Emily when she sees the killer whales, so she asked if we could go there too! I asked her where Emily is doing this…
Nat: Well, not Cabo, but someplace like that.
Me: hmmm… Mexico? (do they even have a Seaworld in Mexico?)
Nat: No… Not Mexico. A French state of some kind.
(really? Is there a French state other than France??)

Me: A French state?  (hoping, I say) France?
Nat: No…

A brain cramp takes over and I throw out a wild guess…
Me: Florida? (They both start with “F” after all.)
Nat: Yes!! That’s it! florida!! Can we go??

Me:  Ummm, not this week but sure, sometime.

Of course, she thinks she’ll be able to do this….

I’m not about to burst her bubble.  Not today.


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