Our French visitor

Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, Illinois.

Buckingham Fountain, Willis Tower in background

I started a new job this week, so am taking blurry pics for some reason. Our French foreign exchange student is seeing and doing everything we can possibly fit in!  The girls’ volleyball game was her first extra-curriculur event, the next evening a welcome/dessert. She is very sweet, adorable, and polite.  It is interesting to note that the schools in France are MUCH stricter about attire and behavior than ours.

Blurry but cute

Laurane and a friend


Here are the additional activities thus far:

A day at school with Seth, Sears Willis Tower, walking tour of Chicago, State of Illinois Building, A trip to the local police and fire stations (different than in France and yes their sirens really do have the sound you hear in the movies), a trip to the pumpkin farm and a pumpkin carving session with the other French students. Tonight she and Seth are at the high school football game, GO SAXONS!! Tomorrow is a trip to Millenium park, the Art Institute and Navy Pier. Tomorrow night is ice skating, which will be a new experience for her. Saturday is shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister, then a trip back to the city for dinner and a Segway Tour at night of the lakefront…. I’m really looking forward to that – all the city lights on a Segway!!  Sunday is Great America, Monday is bowling. Tuesday is Michigan Avenue and eating at Ed Debevic’s – unique!!  Wednesday she will be in the French classroom for some reason….  THursday is China Town and the Pilsen neighborhood. Friday is the Field Museum and Buckingham fountain. Saturday to the airport. 😦

She wanted to have typical american food, and has found she likes chocolate chip cookies, of course! The menu includes burgers, chili, salad, and all the weird things I like to cook.

We are enjoying her very much and plan to send Seth on a trip to France as part of a reciprocal arrangement with the schools…. probably next summer.


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