Bowling with the Twirling Bowler

All my kids are so talented.  I find it really amazing, as do all parents, I imagine, to see how gifted each one is in their own unique way.

Take Seth, for example.  Look at this form.

What form!

He complains that he is only mediocre at everything. What he doesn’t realize is that he STARTS OUT mediocre.  Most of us start out at “pathetic” am I right?  I mean he can do anything instantly. You should have seen him zooming around on that Segway.

Then we move on to Natalie… she can dance and bowl at the same time.  Look at these pics.  i call her the Twirling Bowler.

Between the two of them, doing ANYTHING together can be fun!

I think Laurane had a good time as well:

I know Tom had a good time:

I wish I could have taken pics of all the hijinks going on, but it moved too fast and I was laughing too hard. Let’s just say Seth is a good “shadow bowler” and makes the rest of us laugh too hard to score well!!


One thought on “Bowling with the Twirling Bowler

  1. How fun!!! I love bowling, except am not gifted with that beautiful form that Seth has!!!! LOL. Note to self: do not smack talk about beating Seth at bowling 😉 wish I could’ve seen the twirling bowler in person and all her moves! Can i have her energy, please?!

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