Halloween Costume Wars

Natalie has gone through her favorites over the years – the Wiggles, Laurie Berkner, Imagination Movers, Blues Clues, etc.  This year her favorite form of entertainment is Lazytown videos. Here is Stephanie from Lazytown:

cute, huh?

This show has been off the air for a couple years, so the likelihood of finding a costume at the store was zero.  However, Wal-Mart had a similar wig for $6 – SCORE!  and I made a dress from fabric Nat picked out.

So you would think we were all set, right?

Cuter, imho

But no.  Because there is another girl at school intending to be Stephanie for Halloween.  Rather than embrace it and go as twins, Nat is a “bit” disgruntled about this.  The girl-in-crime girl also planning to be Stephanie is, shall we say, an opportunity DAILY for Nat to grow in people skills and maturity. This is the same girl that tried to “trade” shoes with Nat when Nat got new shoes. ( Nat describes her as bossy and mean. ) After a few days of fuming, I suggested to Nat that she ask this girl to be something other than Stephanie. Nat got off the bus yesterday and told me she “did it”.  She “asked” Kim to be something other than Stephanie. Here is how she did it:

Mom, I told Kim she could NOT be Stephanie.  I told her “I will be Stephanie and you should be a witch. Me Stephanie, you witch.”

Oh my.

#Winning #ForNow


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