There are a couple things running around in my mind and this seems as good a place as any to park them.  Most of you know we lost our sweet dog Tulip recently.  Here is one of the last pics we took of her:

Hiding under the sofa

She was a good girl, a faithful companion, a sweet greeter, and she always knew when Nat was getting sick. So we miss her.  Seth and Nat the most, of course. Every once-in-a-while my mind plays a trick on me and I think I hear her tags jingling as though she has just jumped off the sofa to see who just got home.

We buried her in our yard and now Nat thinks we should move – she cannot bear the sadness of it.




I just answered a frirend’s questions about the Navy and the process of enlisting and what to be prepared for, etc.  Didn’t realize how much info I had accumulated in the process of Sean becoming a Navy guy!  By the way, Sean is doing well.  He is at sea at the moment but will be home around NYEve. Then they’ll be back out sometime after that for several months. It is so weird to contemplate the fact that he is on a ship in the middle of the ocean.  My brain has the hardest time really grasping that.  We miss him and look forward to seeing him soon! for a few days.








We just bought a new refrigerator and had it delivered today.  It is so nice!  Our “old one” (all of 6 years old) wore out its compressor, so there was no choice in the matter. The freezer on the bottom thing is MUCH better …  for me.  The funny thing is, with the french doors on top, we all still open the left one, thinking we will see the freezer contents and then we stand there for a while until it sinks in: OH! That is NOT the freezer!  We feel like such dorks!  haha!  (I know, I know.  We ARE dorks. )

Registered Natalie for high school this past week.  What?! ImPOSSible. Just imPOSSible.

We’ve been at a new church for well over a year – and like it more all the time.

Merry Christmas!  We are sending out cards, they just haven’t arrived yet.  So if they should just HAPPEN to not get there in time… we are hoping you have a wonderful Christmas.  What a great time of year!


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