Merry Christmas!

Here are the pics we SHOULD have put on our Christmas card!

The first thing we did was go to every coast of the country and scan the horizon for the navy vessel our son has been assigned to.  Here is what we found:

Navy vessel in the background ;D

Then we started with family members closer to home… at least the ones that are  around!!

Cute pic of Daddy/Daughter love….

Daddy/Daughter love!

Now for the fun from Dec. 21st.  Seth, Natalie and I went downtown, picked up Brett, Bonnie, and Kiwi and got some exercise.

First to Lake Michigan, which looked super cool. Click to make it bigger.

Looked like a good place for either a: a monster to rise up out of the deep or b: a jump into the cloud-like water (brrr).

Lake Michigan

Our walk included sand, water, mud, climbing, running, throwing stuff but NO SNOW!! sad.

The beginning of our 450 mile walk

boys and toys

Happy Hiker, for now….

Fun with sticks, stones, dogs


Biggest brothers are the best!

Big brothers are still the bests!!

After the hike to tire the four-legged monster, (whose owners, BTW, have a doggy-cam so they can see what the potential monster is doing while they’re away – and she was a perfect angel all six hours!) we went to Millenium Park for some skating!! a smidge of a wait made our minds (and the picture) kind of blurry, between the cold and the boredom.

Waiting for Skating

Since B & B own their skates, no wait for them!

Brett and Bonnie (middle of picture)

Cute couple, eh?

So then, Brett, the weekly hockey player, does some of his fast skating and super-fast stopping.  No-one was in any danger ever, but some people got a little scared!  Kinda funny!  He would skate super-fast toward the railing and stop right in front of us while we waited – never even touching the rail, but people backed up!  I think they didn’t want to have to catch him when he flew over the railing since he is not a tiny guy! Of course, who WOULD you want to catch when they come at you at skate+ice speed!!

Hockey Dude

After this shot, all I saw was the back of Seth!

Pseudo-Skater with Skaters

It was easier to get a pic of Nat since she was moving a tad slower than the others!

We fully utilized time between Zamboni duties and then turned in our skates.

Then onto the Bean – a Chicago original!

See the skyline reflected in the upper portion of the Bean?

Thing 1

Thing 2

We went to Lincoln Park zoo next, to see the ZooLights which are fantastic! But since I can’t even take a clear picture of EASY stuff, I wasn’t about to fail test my photog skills on a bunch of Christmas lights!

We will get pics of Kari, Kurt, and their “child” Marshall on Christmas Day!  and Sean will be here from the 30th to Jan 6th, so if you are really bored, check back for more pics after that!

#LoveMyFamily #ChristmasIsTheBest  #You’reStillReadingThis? #EnjoyTheChristmasSeason!


From the Rickerts


One thought on “Merry Christmas!

  1. WOW, what an awesome day y’all had! I bet you slept mighty good that night! Ice skating sounds SO fun– I’m jealous! Glad you get to see ALL your kiddo’s for the holidays. I sure hope Jonah is as wonderful as a big brother as your 3 boys. Love seeing that in your posts. Merry Christmas– miss ya’ll! Hugs from Houston! xxoo

    P.S. and YES, very cute couple 😉

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